Brawlhalla Loot Crate

Big news! We are going to be including an exclusive Brawlhalla item in the July Loot Crate! Subscribe by July 19th to get the HEROES themed crate! Get fun & fantastic geek and gaming themed gear, an exciting Brawlhalla item, a $40 value for under $20.

Use code BRAWLHALLA on checkout to get $3 off your first crate!

Holiday Super Double Days

It's the holidays so you know what that means. This is an extended length event just to make sure everyone has a chance to experience it since holiday schedules can vary so much. In addition, we are actually going to start it a little earlier than expected due to some server issues we had to address this morning.

All changeovers will happen at roughly Noon EST.

12/17 - 12/23, Double Gold Days
12/23 - 12/29, Double Exp Days
12/27 - 1/5, Double Gear Days

Happy holidays and happy hunting!

Harvest Feast Event: Double Rewards

A cold wind blows from the north, the first sign of Winter's icy approach. The heroes of Ellyria and The Sleeping Lands enjoy one last Harvest Feast before the long nights of hungry dragon strikes and desperate goblin raids. The time has come to take up sword or spell and gather what you may before the harvest ends and the feast begins. From November 21 to December 1 you can fill your keep to the brim with double gold, double experience, or double loot:

All changeovers will happen at roughly Noon EST.

11/21 - 11/24, Double Gold Days
11/24 - 11/27, Double Exp Days
11/27 - 12/1, Double Gear Days

Scour every cave and raid every dungeon in search of treasure and adventure, so that your Harvest Feast might overflow with both fine food and epic tales of your achievements!

Brawlhalla Closed Beta Begins

The closed beta for Brawlhalla has begun! We'll be sending out Steam keys frequently through the beta, so head over to to sign up now.

As a note, we feel like the code base is starting to get stable enough that we want to test it more heavily. Some of the things you might notice that will be coming to Dungeon Blitz are the networking improvements and the rendering overhaul. Please let us know how they compare to Dungeon Blitz, specifically any change in the framerate.

Trick or Treat Event Begins!

The trick or treat event is live! As you gather candy corn materials, we will update the leaderboard. The 2500 people who collected the most candy corn will receive the Pumpkin Helmet. Anyone who received the Pumpkin Helmet last year will have their version upgraded from Magic to Rare. The event will run from October 30th 12PM EDT to November 3rd 12PM EST.


If you add your name after the url, it will show your place as well as the leaders.
Ex: Tyveris =>