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Blue Mammoth is at PAX East

We're excited to announce that we are here at PAX East! If you are going to be there, come by and say hi. We'll be showing an early build of Brawlhalla, the online platform fighter we're working on.

We'll be entering early access on Steam later this month. At our booth, we have four machines each running a four player couch version of the game. And we have a sign. A huge sign. Come by and check it out. We'll those of you who can't be there updated with pictures from the event.

Follow us on Twitter: @PlayBrawlhalla, on Facebook: Brawlhalla, and here!

Steam page is up as well:

Spring Double Reward Days

We welcome Spring with a bang, a slash, and a heap of treasure! In celebration of the recent release of our Whispers and Prayers update, Dungeon Blitz is offering a series of Double Rewards Days, from April 3rd to April 14th. Each day you'll earn double experience, double gold, or double loot as you fight through dungeons, defeat monsters, and restore peace and order to Ellyria and The Sleeping Lands. Answer the Call to Power and earn double rewards right now!

April 4-7, Double Gold Days
April 8-10, Double Exp Days
April 11-14, Double Gear Days

It's the perfect opportunity to play with the exciting new features we've added!

Whispers and Prayers: Ask Me Anything

There are a ton of changes, both new features and quality of life improvements to existing features. We'll get the patch notes up as well, but we're happy to answer any questions here. Just stop by these threads first if you aren't sure what the Whispers and Prayers update is all about.

Feature Previews:

Patch Notes
  • Respec stone has been reduced to 4 days.
  • Right click now functions as a shoot button as well
  • Fixed description for Pounce talent
  • Fixed a bug where Pyromania upgrades displayed zero damage
  • Fixed a bug where higher ranks of Draconic Soul were only adding Scorched on every third hit
  • Added new guild rank below Initiate called Silenced, Silenced users cannot talk.
  • Fixed bug where occasionally one of the monsters in the final room in Castle Hocke would not die on boss complete.
  • Fixed a bug that kept powers like Bitter Blade from acquiring a new target if its target died
  • Fixed bug on Permafrost Clone that ignored Chilblains sigils
  • Fixed treasure map dungeon locations for Valhaven 2/2 Imperials
  • Improved base stats of all defense gear.
  • Buffed Attack and Expertise stats on all Balanced gear.
  • Chaos Poison status effect now displays the Poisoned buff icon.
  • We've smoothed out the mission flow in Wolf's End eliminating pingponging.
  • Anna now guides you from Dungeon to Dungeon with no need to return to town in between!
  • Fixed a rare crash that would sometimes happen in the armory of your home.
  • Entanglement's DoT now counts as a Poison and is now affected by the talents Concentrated Venom, Contact Poison, and Insidious Poison.
  • Fixed a bug causing temporary Expertise boosts to not affect buff and debuff DoT and duration.
  • Rarity color now displays correctly
  • Bug preventing pet and mount toggle powers from updating has been fixed
  • Abilities that toggle off class forms are now listed as "Toggle"
  • Any cooldown based ability with a CD of zero seconds is now listed as "Instant"
  • Bug fixed causing previous "equipped" gear's tooltip to not disappear when changing gear has been fixed
  • Fixed bug causing Discipline abilities being viewed from the class select screen to display "untrained"
  • Fixed bug with Tome and Spellbook tooltips where discipline event was causing the ability type to show up red for trained abilities
  • Fixed a bug on stuns and similar debuffs that could reduce the duration of an existing stack when reapplied.
  • XP bonus is now shown in the statistics page.
  • Tooltips have been reskinned for a cleaner look and better performance
  • Fixed text clipping bug in Tome and Spellbook for various message prompts
  • Eggs now link in chat with the correct rarity
  • Fixed multiple bugs with tooltips and display states of tooltips
  • Frozen enemies count as snared for the Pounce talent.
  • Fixed a bug where Bound incorrectly displayed the crippled debuff icon.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bone Dragon pet's poison breath did not count as a Poison for the purpose of Triple Strike and similar conditional effects.
  • Chilblains now counts as an ice-debuff for powers that add Chilblains.
  • Added soul reaver fx animation update
  • Armor Breaker now correctly shows a reduced speed debuff icon when augmented by its power rune.
  • Fixed a bug that could clear out bonus Expertise durations when multiple stacks were placed on a target.
  • Reduced number of enemies in Lair of the Ooyak after the second drop.
  • Fixed a typo in Treasure map.
  • Fixed a few typos in gear names, mission text, and quest dialog text.
  • Ability to change shirt and pants color have been removed from the change looks screen and into the new dye equipment screen.
  • Bug causing power icon selectors to not hide when mousing off of powers after reopening the window has been fixed
  • Bug causing glow to spill out on the left side of the "Upgrade" for upgrading buildings has been fixed
  • Bug causing XP progress to show up when mousing over max ranked pets has been fixed
  • Bug causing the game to crash when user links a vanity pet from the hotbar has been fixed
  • Max level pets no longer display an empty XP bar, but instead display a star icon
  • Pets still gain XP past their cap for that level.
  • Can now link abilities from the talent tree.
  • You can now craft charms of lower level than your forge.
  • Charm Removers have been added to the game.
  • Fixed bad background parallax in Ramparts, normal mode.
  • Reduced charm craft times on the 7-10% gems.
  • Bug causing game to crash when the user links their mount from the hotbar into chat after mounting has been fixed
  • Bug causing game to crash when the user links their vanity pet from the hotbar into chat after summoning has been fixed
  • Bug causing game to crash when the user links a stance ability from the hotbar into chat after toggling the ability stance on has been fixed
  • Bug causing game to crash when the user links an upgrade node from the Tome after changing tabs has been fixed
  • Mount restrictions have been removed from dungeons and the house. Mount speed boosts do not apply while in dungeons.
  • Fixed issue where infestation wasn't playing a cast animation
  • Fixed a bug with debuff durations from Pet powers.
  • Fixed a bug where some talents weren't working with the Poison from the Poison Strike and Poison Cloud power runes.
  • Treasure chests found in dungeons have had their colors and artwork adjusted. Small chests are brown, medium sized chests are blue, and larges chests are red and gold.
  • You can see how much over level 50 you are in artisan experience.
  • Pet stats now improve with both ranks and player stats.
  • Made Goblin mission entrance art much more obvious.
  • Pet experience required has been lowered. As a result, pet experience gained has been lowered by the same rate.
  • Fixed balancing of Second Wind.
  • Ice Nova no longer switches to Freeze at Rank 10, and its power rune now Weakens instead of Cripples.
  • Fixed it so you can see tooltips while editing your abilities.

Whispers and Prayers: Feature Previews

Dye System

Show your true colors! Also your false ones! With 185 colors to choose from, the new dye system allows you to tint all of your gear that perfect shade of you. Dyes now drop as loot, and there are 20 Legendary, 60 Rare, and 105 Magic collectible colors to acquire.

Once you find a dye, you can use it as often as you like, with a visit to the Dye Master who can use your personal pigments to customize all of your gear for a small gold fee, which scales as your level increases. Anything you customized with dyes in the old system will remain just as you made it.

Treasure Troves

With the new Whispers and Prayers Update to Dungeon Blitz any monster you defeat could be hiding a Treasure Trove that's full of riches, wonders and new rewards.

Treasure Troves come as rare drops from fallen foes and contain a secret assortment of goods and gold. You'll find exciting rewards such as the splendid Dreamscale Dragonette and the astonishing Ivorystorm Guardian.

Other possible trove rewards include: Legendary Discipline Gear, the rarest of dyes, impressive charms, and powerful forging materials, along with hoards of gold to make a dragon blush. Every Treasure Trove requires a special Key to open, which can be bought using Mammoth Idols.

Every Trove also includes a cache of Silver Sigils, which you can redeem for special items and ingredients, available only to proven and worthy heroes. This includes the wondrous Darkheart Apparition and the fearsome Hatebreed Charger.

Keep an eye out for Treasure Troves every time you vanquish a monster, starting with the new Whispers and Prayers Update.

Whispers and Prayers

Whispers and Prayers is coming soon! This thrilling update for Dungeon Blitz brings a host of new features and improvements to your game, including new disciplines, treasures, customization options, and more.

Master Three New Disciplines!

The Necromancer summons an army of ghouls to defeat his enemies.

The Soulthief steals her foe's life force for her own, crippling them in combat.

The Templar protects and heals allies while blinding all evil that opposes him.

Choose Your Colors!
A whole new dye system with 185 different collectible colors that drop as loot from your defeated foes. Once you've acquired a dye, you can use it as often as you like on anything you own with a visit to the Dye Master.

Unlock Treasure Troves!
Fight enemies to unearth Treasure Troves. These rare sealed chests contain a bounty of exciting, all new rewards for Dungeon Blitz's heroes. Mounts, pets, class gear, and more are waiting within.

Experience a New Beginning!
For new players or veterans starting new heroes, the early levels of the game have been improved for fun, clarity, and speed. Getting into Dungeon Blitz has never been more inviting, so tell your friends!

Listen close and watch this space, as we'll release more secrets frequently leading up to the impending release of Whispers and Prayers!