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Congratulations to Xaviant, Double Days for All

Many of you might remember our big news two years ago when we partnered up with Xaviant to help grow our team. They are a big part of the reason we were able to make Call of Power so great. Well next week on the 26th they are launching their new game, Lichdom: Battlemage. To help celebrate their success, we are going to be running the "Rise of the Battlemage" event.

Slightly different schedule, all changeovers will happen at Noon EDT.

August 20-22, Double Exp Days
August 22-25, Double Gear Days
August 25-28, Double Gold Days

We will conclude with maintenance on the 28th. Again, congratulations to our friends at Xaviant, and enjoy the event! Make sure you check out their game by visiting their steam page:

Quick Server Upgrade/Downtime + Extended Event

Unfortunately, we need to interrupt the event for about 30 minutes. We're going to apply a patch to our servers that hopefully should improve latency across the board. We are definitely going to need you to let us know if it improves things for you.

Because this is happening in the middle of an event, we're going to go ahead and extend it an extra 12 hours. Thanks for understanding!

Summer Double Reward Days

It's the Dragon Days of Summer in Ellyria and The Sleeping Lands, a time when heroes beat the heat by descending into dark dungeons, cool caves, and treasure-stuffed tombs and smiting every evil they find down there. For the overheated days of July 11th through the 21s, all adventurers will earn double the gold, double the experience, or double the loot from every heroic act you perform:

July 11-14, Double Gold Days
July 15-17, Double Exp Days
July 18-21, Double Gear Days

From the frigid peaks of Stormshard Mountains to the burning sands of Shazari Desert, adventure and riches are yours for the taking!

Brawlhalla Early Access Begins

Early access for Brawlhalla has begun. To celebrate, we are beginning the "Spoils of Brawlhalla" Event in Dungeon Blitz. The schedule is down below, and for those curious about Brawlhalla, you can check out the trailer and get more info here:

May 2-5, Double Gold Days
May 6-8, Double Exp Days
May 9-13, Double Gear Days (Extended to the 13th)


Blue Mammoth is at PAX East

We're excited to announce that we are here at PAX East! If you are going to be there, come by and say hi. We'll be showing an early build of Brawlhalla, the online platform fighter we're working on.

We'll be entering early access on Steam later this month. At our booth, we have four machines each running a four player couch version of the game. And we have a sign. A huge sign. Come by and check it out. We'll those of you who can't be there updated with pictures from the event.

Follow us on Twitter: @Brawlhalla, on Facebook: Brawlhalla, and here!

Steam page is up as well: